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I'm Joy.


I am an artist.
An artist that also happens to love strategy and prompts (direction) for said art. I learned at a young age that I love making things. I love really diving into the nitty-gritty and making something that makes you grin, that makes you laugh, or best, that makes you think. With each day I am experimenting with and learning how to improve my craft as an artist, an art director, and a strategist. Maybe you can help me out with that process. Provide me with a good prompt - a good challenge - and I promise to provide you with good work. 

Oh, you're interested?? I am already blushing.
Here are the logistics: Resume, LinkedIn, Email
Also, the pup is my dog daughter, Billie. She's typically the star of the show but this is MY site, so she is limited to one cameo.
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