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Studies show that people are crafting less because of a lack of inspiration and although Hobby Lobby's merchandise often stimulates artists to create, the brand itself is rather dull - that is until Bobby enters the picture...



Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 7.37.03 PM.png

Bobby is a creative catalyst and spokesperson for Hobby Lobby. She d-i-y’s everything she touches. Her couch is completely crocheted, she owns a flower decal chair, and her TV is repurposed as a fish tank. She inspires those around her to take a chance and create their crazy ideas. 


Bobby curates a strong, FUN brand image and personality for Hobby Lobby that is appealing to the everyday arts and crafts consumer. She further helps by differentiating Hobby Lobby from its competitors and makes it the top-of-mind store for arts and crafts. 


Suddenly, and without a true introduction to the public, work signed off by Bobby begins popping up around cities. True to Bobby's nature, this means bringing beauty to things that were once considered ugly.
 such as crocheting over a deteriorating billboard...
...or cleverly highlighting decaying subway art.
and in efforts to remain inconspicuous about her partnership with Hobby Lobby - rather than a logo, a QR code is included that directs curious viewers to 


At this point, Bobby has piqued the interest of the media and they begin questioning who she really is



In response, Hobby Lobby will launch a print campaign that communicates how everyone has an "inner Bobby" (aka, inner creativity) that is dying to be unleashed.


*These print ads were physically collaged from products sold at Hobby Lobby in order to emphasize how Hobby Lobby merchandise can help potential customers "Unleash Their Inner Bobby."

Copy & Art Direction: Joy Boykin
Art Direction: Jeena Bae
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